Parking Garage Construction and Design Ideas

Parking garage, nowadays, demanded by people. They often try to make such great design to their parking garage. One of the unique and full of high architecture technique is the parking garage with the garden as the rooftop.

People in this modern day make the parking garage as one of their considerations to look for a new house. They even specially build this garage in their new house. This is very important part of the house to place their vehicles safe. This is becoming a trend to have such parking garage in your big house with nice decorating and architecture concept. One of the parking garage designs which it is a little more unique is the parking garage which it is place under your garden.

Hearing this parking garage under the garden as if it is sounds like that your car will be buried in the ground. Actually, this kind of concept simply means like the underground parking area. There is no special architecture technique design in making this underground parking garage construction. The one which make it different from the other is the garden as its roof top.

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There are some difficult and very structural techniques to build this kind of parking garage. You need to build the layer of the roof of your garage. You need also to build the right drainage of your roof. There are also several things that you should notice. The very important thing is you are not allowed to directly plant the big trees on the roof. These roots can destruct the construction of your parking garage and worse still it can destruct also your main construction.

In the other word, parking garage is becoming one of the important parts in your house. It can make your vehicle safe. The other thing is that the parking garage is now becoming the trend. People have a good design and good architecture techniques in building this garage. One of the unique designs which people love to have in their parking garage is the parking garage with the garden as the rooftop.

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