No Plans for the Weekend? Here's How You Can Spend Your Weekend at Home, Alone

No Plans for the Weekend? Here’s How You Can Spend Your Weekend at Home, Alone

Spending a whole weekend alone at home is so underrated. If you are a crazy party person, sure you may not like it but for a normal person who gets tired from working all week and wishes to have a slow, relaxing weekend, weekend at home is a bliss.

Okay, let’s make it very clear in the beginning that a relaxing and low weekend does not necessarily have to be lazy and unproductive. If you want, you can sleep straight for two days but unfortunately people like me can’t do that. And for them, I have combined a few activities that I personally love doing.

Sleep in for a While

Weekends are for sleeping in, there is no doubt about that. For someone who normally wakes up at 5 in the morning everyday, getting some more time in bed is nothing less than a blessing. However, I personally prefer sleeping in for an extra hour or two, nothing more than that. Sleeping in on weekends can affect my weekday routine. I have experienced this so I keep that in mind. My body is used to waking up at 5 anyways so waking up at 7 is easy for me.

You will probably have a different schedule than me and that is fine. If you wish to sleep in till, say 10, sleep all you want. After all it’s a weekend and you are supposed to do it your way. I don’t recommend sleeping post 10 in the morning especially if you slept at a decent time at night.

Make a Feast for Brunch

Make a Feast for Brunch

You have all the time for yourself. Order whatever you feel like eating or if you like cooking, like me, plan a feast for brunch. Yes, we are making sandwiches, eggs, pasta, and pancakes for dessert. This is my personal favorite on most weekends, you can choose to make anything you feel like having.

I have this weird habit of not having coffee on weekends. My body doesn’t need to have caffeine, I am relaxing, so it’s “no coffee for me” on weekends.

One advice, don’t overdo it. Even if you love cooking and you have all the time in the world, don’t burden yourself with it. I get it, cooking is therapeutic but spending half a day on just cooking can be tiring and that isn’t something we didn’t subscribe for, right?

Clean Your Place

If you live alone you would know what mess we end up creating in a week. Weekends are for cleaning your place, I don’t make the rules. I love cleaning my place. Turn some music on and dance your way to cleanliness. That’s how we do it here. Cleaning does not necessarily have to be fancy but if you want to get into it, go ahead clean everything you want. Nobody’s going to judge your inner Monica here.

Always keep in mind, living in a clean place can benefit your mental health a lot. If you believe in vibes and manifestation, trust me a clean place is going to help you attract positivity and abundance.

If that’s not something you believe in, well, your overall health gets affected by it too. So, for whatever reason, consider cleaning your place on weekends.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill

Not very productive but definitely important. Are you going to ask me how netflix and chill is important for you? I hope you don’t but in case you have this question, let’s just say your mind deserves this distraction. Catching up on your favorite tv show or latest movie will help you concentrate on something other than work and also entertain you, which is important.

Netflix and chill does not mean you are bound to use netflix only. You can watch youtube, discovery, your favorite reality show, browse through social media. Play games, or have fun with mha quirk generator. Basically do anything that is fun and does not require you to invest your brains in it.

Write Your Heart Out

Okay this is something I request everyone to try. Even if you don’t like writing in general. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to just write whatever you have in your mind. From how you are feeling to something you plan to do in the near future. Anything and everything should be penned down. This helps you to clear your head and understand what all you are thinking about. Sometimes we have so many thoughts in our mind that we don’t understand what exactly it is that is affecting us. And it certainly drains our energy as well. It is better if you just dedicate some time to write everything down in a notebook or a journal, whatever works for you. Although this works great if you do it everyday (journaling has some serious benefits) but it’s completely fine if you do it on just weekends.

Consume Self Help Content Online

Consume Self Help Content Online

Don’t feel like doing anything except browsing through your phone? No issues, I have something for those days and mood as well. Instead of consuming any content consider consuming content that will either educate you or motivate you in some way or other. Watch morning routines, recipes, listen to calming music, learn about improving body posture, mental health, focus, creativity, starting a business. This is what I love doing. From podcasts and audiobooks to youtube videos, I consume content that is strictly motivating and pushes me to be positive and calm.

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