How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the Home Improvement Industry

How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the Home Improvement Industry

This is quite an unprecedented time for all of us, being stuck in the middle of a pandemic. And understandably, people are confused. Amid all this chaos, many home improvement business owners also have a lot of questions. For instance:

“Is my business an essential?”

“How will this quarantine affect my future projects?”

“Can I still work amid this pandemic outbreak?”

“How do I connect with my customers?”

No doubt, all these questions are valid. And obviously, you want to find the answers as soon as possible. Don’t worry, this article is written for this very purpose only. But first, the good news. 

Even with all this social distancing and quarantine measures, the recent data suggests that the home improvement businesses are working surprisingly well. As everyone is stuck indoors right now, they need a comfortable and safe place. And this is providing the home improvement businesses a great opportunity to keep their pace steady.

Let’s see what the data is telling us.

Essential or Non-Essential

A lot of home-improvement business owners are still not sure if their business is considered essential during the pandemic or not. Now, this actually depends on what state you are living in.

The good news is that many states have defined home-improvement and construction as essential businesses. However, it still varies from state to state. And therefore, you need to check it for yourself

Sales Trends

In the beginning, we all thought these social distancing mandates will cause a huge downtrend in sales of home improvement businesses. But surprisingly, the graph went in the completely opposite direction.

In the month of March, home improvement companies saw a whopping 33 percent rise in their sales figure. And in April too, the numbers improved a lot. All this can be credited to the huge discounts business are giving out right now to survive in these times. And this reduction in sales prices is encouraging people to spend more. 

Furthermore, customers are contacting companies and discussing their future projects too.

Online Searches Trends

If we look at the data from the last 90 days, the terms relating to home improvement are actually trending upwards. The search for phrases, like “home improvement”, “window replacement”, “roof repair” and “home DIY”, is increasing continuously. And this means that people are thinking about it and have started to compare options.

For home improvement businesses, this is an amazing opportunity. Keeping things steady is very important for them right now. And along with this, they should plan for the future too.

A Few Tips for Home-Improvement Businesses to Survive this Pandemic Time

No-Contact Quoting and Invoicing

No matter how safe you keep it for them, your customers don’t want to meet you personally unless it’s really important. And therefore, you need to think of some other ways to work. 

You must prepare your designs and quotes remotely. For measuring your customer’s property, use services like Google Maps and Nearmaps. Send your quotes, designs, or any other material electronically. Avoid paperwork wherever possible. And if you need your customer’s signatures or any other thing in writing, ask them to use their own pen.

Take Precautions

Make a document about all the safety precautions you need to take and present it to all of your staff. Also, let your customer know you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

Here are a few things you must add to your safety precautions document:

  • Let your customer know about your visit upfront.
  • Avoid entering their house. Instead, ask them to meet you outside.
  • Keep the sanitizer with you all the time and use it before entering any property.
  • Do not try to shake hands.
  • Don’t touch your face, especially in front of your customer.
  • Keep masks and hand gloves with you all the time.
  • Maintain the mandatory social distance.
  • Don’t ask your customer to use their bathroom.

All these things will give your customer peace of mind, and you will be able to do your work with the least obstructions possible.