7 ways to Amp up a Boring Wall In Your Home

7 ways to Amp up a Boring Wall In Your Home

Did you just finish up moving into a new house? Then you must be all over the internet looking for new and creative ideas to liven up your living space. Especially your walls. In fact, one of the most common searches for home decor is related to decorating walls. Remember in case of the pandemic be very careful about how you approach home improvement projects.

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Since your house is 98 percent walls, it takes up a lot of your creative energy to come up with different yet catchy ideas to cover them. And sometimes, your creativity and the internet has so much to offer that you are just confused. And so you are left with a blank, boring looking wall. 

But fear not. If you’ve already gone through all of Pinterest and Youtube DIY videos and still can’t finalize on an option. I’m here to add to your knowledge of ideas and hopefully end your hunt. So here are 7 ways to turn your boring walls into one of the many eye-catchy corners of your home.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are not just a thing to be kept in your dressing room. You can also use them for decorating your walls. They come in all shapes and sizes. And once you put them up, they’ll brighten up your space and also open up the area. Whether you have a modern or antique taste, mirrors can fit into any style. You can also be a little different by leaning a mirror against the wall instead of hanging it up. Place some fairy lights, lamps or tall plants by its side to enhance its aesthetic.

Make a Display

If you wish to have a display space, turn your wall into one. Build some ledges, cabinets or racks on your wall and use it to display your tastes. Bookworms can turn it into a bookshelf and travelers can use it to display their collectibles from different voyages. Or you can just adorn it with random objects like plants, printed plates and vases. Also, do not hesitate to play with colors, shapes and sizes. Nowadays you can find varieties of modern as well as classic designs for cabinets and ledges.

Play with Wallpapers

Wallpapers can really be a game-changer in home decor. While you can use up all your wall space for subtle wallpapers, you can always change up the vibe with just one wall. You have a variety of wallpapers to choose from. They come in different finishes like matte and shiny. And you can also experiment with designs. From abstract and floral prints to 3D designs. Try them all. 

Light it Up

One way to brighten up your walls is by literally lighting them up. Subtle or loud, choose lighting as per your need. While you can add ceiling lights, try some flooring lights as well. They look amazing next to a wall. And for an added wow factor, use colored lights. You can keep your lit-up wall simple or get a little creative with textures and wall paint. 

Also, try some DIY ideas by using fairy or string lights. Wrap them around plants or just lay them in a zig-zag pattern across the wall.

Try Vertical Gardens

A little bit of greenery is a must to liven up your home. So if you wish to add a bit of green color in your house, do so in style. Get your plants and hang them on a wall. Either nail them up or make a trellis to add a little more style. You can also play with the color of the pots to be a little more creative. The best part is that you can implement this idea anywhere in your home. From your foyer and living room to your bedroom, it will suit any space.

Decorate with a Wall Hangings

Now, with a wall hanging, I do not mean your cliche tapestries and photo frames. But, anything that looks good. Like hats, jewelry, a swing, your blanket and even floor mats. I have seen some places with a cycle hung up on the wall. Which I thought was interesting. As long as you can do it creatively, it doesn’t matter what you put up on that wall. 

Hopefully, these ideas will spike up your imagination and help you decorate those walls according to your aesthetic. Experiment with these ideas because ultimately, it’s all up to your preference. 

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