6 Tips to Make Your Small Room Look Much Bigger

While living in a small place can be all nice and cozy, it has its own challenges. See, managing all your possessions in a limited space can be very difficult. Unless, obviously, if you are thinking of just placing anything anywhere randomly. While some people may not mind it much, you probably don’t want your place to be all messed up and claustrophobic. I mean, if you did, you probably wouldn’t be here, right?

But don’t worry. We won’t let it happen to you.

Managing a small place may seem like a tedious task. But it actually isn’t as difficult as you think. It all goes down to just tricking your eyes into perceiving things differently. And for that, you just need to make some slight changes to your design. With some basic things, like a correct color technique and a smart lighting arrangement, you can easily have your place look much more spacious than it actually is. 

But what type of changes are we exactly looking for?

Just read along, and you’ll find out.

Use Light Colors

If you want to make your room look a bit more spacious, prefer painting the walls with a light color. Light colors automatically make a place look bigger and brighter by reflecting the light that falls on them. And this makes the place seem much more roomy and open. On the other hand, darker colors, as we all know, absorb most of the light that falls on them. And so, they can make your room feel even smaller than it actually is.

For a nicer effect, you may use colors like green, blue and off-white. You should also paint your wall moldings and trims a little more lighter, as compared to the walls. This will make your walls seem farther back, and thus, make your room feel even more spacious.

Lighting is the Key

Allow as much natural light as possible into your room by keeping your windows open. This will make your interior look much brighter, and thus, your room a lot more spacious. Having natural light in your room can brighten up the whole area and make your place feel a lot airier. Open windows will also connect your room to the outdoors, allowing your vision to see beyond just the walls. And this also will give an amazing effect of much more space in your room.

If your room, by any chance, can’t have much natural light, you may also use artificial lighting fixtures. Just use them in a creative way so that no space in your room is devoid of any light. You’ll be surprised to see how this small thing can also make a very big difference.

Keep Everything Organized

Try to keep your room as organized as possible. Nothing can make your room feel more congested than having stuff lying around just anywhere. A cluttered room is the first sign of having a small space. And therefore, if you want to make your room look bigger, you must keep it clean and tidy.

Don’t have too many pictures on your walls. A single will do just fine. Having a lot of things asking for your attention in a single room can make it feel much more crowded. Therefore, you should try to designate a single thing that draws all the attention, instead of multiple small things.

Your room floor should also be clear of all the mess. If your floor is clean and clear, your room will automatically seem much more open and spacious.

Mirrors can be Magic

Well placed mirrors can make your room look much more spacious than it actually is. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, mirrors can increase your viewing area, and thus, trick your mind into thinking that you are in a much bigger space. 

Mirrors can also make your room look much brighter by reflecting the light that falls on them. And we’ve already discussed the effects of good lighting in making a place look bigger. Now,

to make it even more effective, you can place your mirror near a window where it can reflect the outdoor light. This will give your room an amazing spacious feel.

Arrange Furniture Carefully

The biggest problem we face with a small place is the arrangement of furniture. Furniture often takes a lot of space in a room, and thus, make it look even more cramped. However, you can easily avoid this problem with the help of multi-functional furniture.

Use a bed that can be turned into a sofa in the daytime, or the one that has drawers to store any unnecessary stuff of yours. You can also use foldable chairs or an expandable dining table for your convenience. There are a lot of multi-functional furniture options available in the market now. Just do some research, and get what you want.

Other than that, you should place larger furniture pieces against the wall, or in a corner if it’s feasible. This will free up some space that was being used unnecessarily. Also, try to keep your furniture in such a way that it doesn’t block your view into the room. Otherwise, it may look very congested. And make sure, your furniture isn’t blocking any pathways.

Avoid Unnecessary Patterns

When we say, avoid unnecessary patterns, it doesn’t mean no patterns at all. However, when you have a smaller place, it’s best to leave large patterns for smaller things only, such as a pillowcase or a lampshade etc. For bigger things like a window covering or a large furniture piece etc., you should better use smaller patterns.

Also, try to keep the patterns cohesive, or at least a few colors that are common. This will also trick your mind into perceiving the place a lot bigger than it actually is.

So, these were a few tips that can help you make any small room look a lot bigger.  If you are looking to add some sense of calm to your room you can get some THC gummies. Those will for sure make you calm.

However, in the end, it’s all about what you like. Also, if you think you have any other points to add to this list, feel free to comment below. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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